Melanie Ray & RAKATAN , solo and ensemble
WHERE: Dive Bar II NYC, WHO: entertainment series from New Castle to Perth : Melanie Ray & the ScallyWags Trio guest vocalist on " What Will We Do with a Drunken Sailor?" & three auld sea shantys
WHERE: Mama Mexico  Ristorante, NYC : WHO: Melanie Ray Mariachi & Bandolero guest lead vocalist  and traditional cultural dancer and band leader guest on: " Guantanamera " & " The Girl from Impanema"
May 14th  WHERE: cam stage Marshall Law  jam show special guest guitarist Melanie Ray on three sets with 3 piece band and three R-N-B  background vocalists  : " Get Ready", Temptations; Santana Medly; Clinton FunkaDelic groovester tunes
May 13th WHERE:Castel's, NYC with live film, WHO: Steve Marshall live Saturday Nights series for tourists of New York Roy Orbison's band  promo of guitarist guest Melanie Ray demonstrating tres melos Hendrix -Townshend technique overdrive wacks and spoofs,
" Shakin' All Over "; Improv. Blues and as vocalist  and advisor for " House of The Rising Sun" with audience sound tracks and cameos
showcase of Dr. Lafter & members of The Grateful Dead 5p.m. 'till 11p.m. WHERE: Telios, NY, guest star vocalist Melanie Ray with original soundtrack " It Never Rains in Southern California"
JUNE 7:p.m 'till t/b/a , WHO: Neil Alpert Rock Show w/ Vinny Vela and The Steve Marshall  Band WHERE: 801 medley bar and restarurant , NYC, New York DETAILS:Rockin' Blues Country tunes w/Kevin Ellman, drums {Utopia} & Tennesee's soulful and miserable Bill Kurz,'Born on the Bayou' vocalist. Gender Spoof dance guest Melanie Ray on Rick Derringer's ' Rock-n-Roll ' hootchie coup with The Daring Green Lady. Outrageous excellent rating on the kichens Mozzarella Styx!
MARCH thursdays,WHO:   The Extra Terrestrial Show hosted by Dave and Martine w/ Sopranos' Vinny Vela  & The Steve Marshall Band    WHERE: Mr. Biggs, NYC, New York DETAILS:Rockin' blues country showcase w/cabaret female vocalist & great harmonies w/ bartop dancing girls.  Melanie Ray lead guitar guest on 'Moondance ' { V. Morrison},'Wakeup'{ Jeff Beck Faces } , and improvisational medley. Other guests include :Kevin Williams bass; Kevin -Jillian vocals { Santana band } ; & stupendous  rhythm guitars from the establishment of The Roadhouse Live Music Tavern, New York & Eugene of ' Sticky Fingers 'cover band Delicious Restaurant  Fare and Fine Bulldog Bar!
JANUARY 14, WHO: The Extra Terrestrial Show Hosted by Dave & Martine , WHERE: Lafayette Bar & Grille, NY, New York
TV Channel 34, and alternate Fridays
DETAILS: Hosts Dave  & Martine :Painting , Collage, and Photo exhibition, with Tribecca Theatre and Costume guests for HOT TOPIC discussion ; Melanie Ray guitar Traveler Escape demonstration & cocktail  soundtrack aacompaniment
January 22, WHO: JT Talent Artist SHOWCASE  Steve Marshall Band
WHERE: Manny's,1770 2nd Ave. NY, NY
DETAILS: Blues, Motown, Rock, R-N-B, Coutry, Bluegrass!! Great Dance Floor and Continental Menu. Alcoholic Beverage Specials 7-10 p.m.
TIME: 7 p.m. -2: a.m.
January 16th
WHO: ' Gerald Delet Piano Cocktails Steve Marshall  Duet ' , Melanie Ray Takamine guest  for Elvis Presely Birthday Tribute Set
WHERE:Mimi's Piano Bar, 52nd Street and 2nd Ave., NY, NY
DETAILS:  Torch songs from Edith Piaf to Duke Ellington, guest vocalists , Italian Cuisine
TIME: 8 p.m.- 3 a.m.
2009: December 18
WHO: Blues Extravaganza Steve Marshall Band,  Melanie Ray 'light weight ' , guest appearance demo Fender hb series
WHERE: Manny's , NY, NY
DETAILS: Five hours of : r-n-b, motown, bluegrass, country, and rock and roll Classics with plethora of guest music artists, great dance floor, restaurant and bar. Rare Melanie Ray on Keith Richards' Birthday dance for  SMB live : ' Billy Jean's ' " Shocking Blue ".
May : Memorial Day Weekend
WHO: Film Augment Segment Chicago 'Alligator ' Blues set, RAKATAN Melanie Ray gtr w/ King Bear bass, 2 hours supporting players for five piece electric band , Yoko Kurasawa , coordinator
WHERE :Tribecca : Artshow , oil and mixed medium paintings
DETAILS:  "The Thrill is Gone" encore
TIME: 8-Midnight; 2 p.m.-7 p.m.; 3p.m.-6.p.m.
2008: September
WHO: Melanie Ray guest with Hounds of Night and Hummingbirds of Day, electric mini-strings and diverse percussion
WHERE: Mexico
DETAILS: Local and Imported Arts and Crafts Show
TIME: 6 A.M.- Noon ; 5 p.m.- 11: 30 p.m.
WHEN: March 27
TIME: 6:pm
WHO: RAKATAN Mel: twelve string
WHERE: Blue Mahoe Jamaica, East 14th Street, NY, NY
DETAILS:  Healing Love Foundation .org
Delicious Jamiacan Cuisine and Island Bar
Directed by Ms. Isma Pesonev , presentation includes speakers from the board on alternative and augmentary holistic treatments, hosted by members of stage and screen guild ; filming with soloist performances by music and dance artists as well as group meditation led by Carmela Tal Baron, painter-poet
2007: WHEN: November, week of the 22nd
TIME: 6: p.m.
WHO: RAKATAN Acoustic Trio, guitars and flute
[ Melanie Ray , Phoebe Prosky, Mark Pines ]
WHERE: Yale Club, NY, New York
DETAILS Celebration  Birthday with Dr. Kitty
Presentations by herself and special guests,  dinner, cocktails, and psychic party reader for those who come early
2006:WHEN: Saturday October 14th
TIME: 5 p.m.
WHO: RAKATAN  String Trio,  [ Melanie Ray, Mark Pines, Ace Harris]
WHERE: Blaggard's Restaurant and Pub
8 West 38th Street, NY, NY 212 382-0089
DETAILS: Come meet representatives of
The Snow Leopard Trust, Auriga Music Publishing Co.,
and LoveSexy Promotions
Presentation includes: Learn How you can Save a Snow Leopard,
Leo's Himalyan Cousins! Slide Show......
Dinner and snow leopard vodka drinks available.
Four Live Bands will play afterwards .
Informative environmental  and cultural conservation,
music networking /
WHERE:WILD SPIRITS, 1843 1st avenue east between 95th and 96th streets
tel: 212 722-6385; 212 427-7127
WHO: RAKATAN Ensemble, Five Piece
WHEN: Friday March 8th,
TIME:  8 p m
Public Performances in NY area include :
King's Tavern, Orange Bear, Nightingale's, Kenny's Castaways, Lion's Den,
O' Flaherty's, Nevada Smith's , The Red Lion, Downtime, Jillian's,  The Rhythm Club, Chinatown, The Wetlands, Terra Blues, Catskills, Desmond's Tavern, Sanctuary, Jammin', Astro's Turf, Queen's Pub, Central Park, Wonderland Blues, The C Note, Chicago Blues, Shelter, Katie O'Toole's, Dan Lynch , Zazou
2004 theme:  Band performance
and  Jam to follow with special guests
time: 9 p.m. 'till.. where: Bar 169, 169 East Broadway, NYC, NY
tel: 212 473-8866 <>
{ for other performances, you can get on the
mailing list, see main page foot } , date: Thursday, Nov. 4th, 2004
time: 10:pm^where:  Alphabet Lounge , Bar - Night Club
104 Avenue C  at 7th Street , ( east village ) NY, NY
tel: 212 780-0202
<> ^Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
Time: 11:00 p.m. 'till-
At: The Limmerick House, bar and restaurant
      69 West 23rd Street NY, NY
tel: 212 243-8898 New Age Rock, 5 piece
presented by Shanghai Rock Hotel
MeLanie Ray's RAKATAN MUSIC examples
a.) original music samples
b.)  of others, a spectrum of music styles to suit your tastes