RAKATAN AUDIO* Examples of  Melanie Ray production , guitar , keyboards, & vocals : Original  and Cover Compositions, Studio and ' Live ',  with surprise guests. Original works and interpretations of other artists material are presented here as  / mp3's and  wma /, adjust your settings and equalizer, some songs are loud, be careful / music credits for all ' live ' selections featured on this page,  see foot

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LCBW-46 interpretation example : elfentanz wma mp3versio<>
LCBW-19 LIVE: Example styles of   other live mel lead vocals & guitar or w/Mel on gtr and sometimes voc. with surprise guests *, //// alexander- losin' game  ; For Your Own Sake [live w/sax ]  ; ///for review Hey Jo Anne [i live] essman ~hey jo anne   [ ii ]  ; For Your Own Sake, [live at The Current ]; melji blues rock wah [humour series d] mp3; Mel jamji [1 of VI ] ///; rayTHIEVES, live in NYC ;  ///[more types inquire]
Example Bar Band versions of other artists : rak bar band covers mp3 sample page ii
garcia-friend of the devil ; miller~the joker ; stones- beast of burden wma;
RAK-05: townshend-let my love open the door ;/~~et my love open the door  [alternate sketch] ;
[ All Over Now, radio Ten, GA bles cream bruce Sunshine of Your Love      audiowma ;
// mp3 bob version  /// dead Flowers IV  wma [ just for you]
Example studio cover versions of other artists:  hendrix: live and  studio versions of  "Angel " ,  and titles from Axis , etc. ;   ;Inquire

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