Expressing a mastery of metaphor in his spoken poetry with musical themes, Mr. Bernie will bring innovative dimensions of perception to your ears and mind. His tone and delivery ranks with the best of narrators.
Drawing from the Ihanktonwan Nakota philosophy, this lyrical poetry is a welcome addition to anyone's sound library. His two fold goal is to influence native american people with spirit and inspire the non-native with education.
Get ready for a relaxing, refreshing, and instructive auditory journey.
Audio available from Auriga Music in four volumes. ( order online or via mail in form ).
Red Horse Dream
                         26 selections
LAMP-cs26 US $ 12.- US $ 23.-
Yellow Hair,     20 selections LAMP-cs20 US $ 12.- US $ 20.-
Seventh Child, 31 selections LAMP-cs31 US $ 14.- US $ 25.-
Four Feathers, 23 selections LAMP-cs23 US $ 12.- US $ 22.-

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We are seeking print publishing for the lyrical works of Clifford Storm Horse Bernie.
Please direct inquiries to: stormhorse
As drums are also " calling your name ", get his first book,
Bear Dreamer
Contact: Teresa Chief Eagle
               1330 New Jersey
               Lawrence, Kansas 66044 USA

Services provided by Auriga Music for this artist include: Consultation and audio recording.